A new innovative doping safe treatment for wound care in animals that works by eliminating the biofilm

PATHELEN® Hybrid Vet is a new microporous silica powder, that adsorbs wound exudate, reducing the healing time of chronic wounds and offers a cost-effective alternative to the current treatment options for wounds.

PATHELEN®  is a pioneering European Class I Certified, U.S.FDA approved medical device without side effects and antimicrobial resistant safe.

PATHELEN® Hybrid Vet is an effective and powerful replacement for all other currently available antimicrobial wound treatments for animals

PATHELEN® Hybrid Vet is a wound powder which contains both hydrophilic and hydrophobic silicas in a highly porous structure. Through capillary action, these silicas
act to irreversibly adsorb wound exudative material (including bacterial toxins) to the upper surface of the layers of the powder from where it effectively evaporates.


PATHELEN® Hybrid Vet thus “de-toxifies” and cleans the wound.


PATHELEN® Hybrid Vet is not antibacterial but withdraws water from a bacterial biofilm, disrupting its structure and allowing the host’s immune system to gain entry and destroy the microorganisms present.


Due to its mode of action, PATHELEN® Hybrid Vet is able to treat a WIDE range of acute and chronic wounds.


Infected wounds*
Exuding Wounds
Wounds with resistant nuclei
Traumatic wounds
Any open wounds with a biofilm


PATHELEN® Hybrid Vet works most efficiently when a biofilm is present on the wound. It should not be used if there are obvious signs of infection i.e., erythema, swelling, warmth, beyond the wound.

*Based on independent case study (Italy 2020)


Aerosil 300 Pharma

Aerosil R972 Pharma

Benzalkonium Chloride

By disrupting the wound’s biofilm, it allows entry of the animal's body’s own immune cells, which destroy microorganisms within the biofilm, promoting the natural healing process and reducing the need for antibiotics.


PATHELEN® Hybrid Vet is an effective and powerful replacement for all other currently available antimicrobial wound treatment devices.

Clinical practice shows that the current, individual use of other antimicrobial agents in the treatment of purulo-inflammatory diseases and purulent wounds, does not always lead to the desired result. Additionally, misuse of antibiotics has contributed to the emergence of resistant (hospital) strains of pathogenic microorganisms, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and become a serious challenge for modern medicine.


PATHELEN® Hybrid can solve this problem, utilising new compositions based on highly dispersed silicas and which have enhanced absorptive, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing abilities for the treatment of a wide range of diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms, in particular, purulent wounds. The intensity of the regeneration process and healing of infected ulcers and wounds depends largely on the speed with which they are cleared of pus and necrotic tissues. Applique sorption, a method of wound healing in which an absorbent in powder form is applied to the wound as a dressing, greatly accelerates this process. This absorption detoxification restores the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes by the removal of microbial cells, bacterial toxins and toxic metabolites of wound fluid and wound cavities in direct contact with the surface of PATHELEN®.


Another important therapeutic factor in the first phase of wound healing is dehydration, i.e. absorption of fluid from the wound cavity and perifocal tissues. Hydrophilic highly dispersed silica (HDS) can be used in the first phase of wound healing. Its detoxifying action is due to the absorption of pathogenic protein substances (up to 800 mg/g), including microbial enzymes, exo-and endotoxins (Lipopolysaccharides) and micro-organisms.


PATHELEN® is a microporous silica-based product designed to promote healing of all types of chronic and acute wounds and burns. Pathelen can be used on chronic animal wounds such as ulcerative non-healing wounds, infected paw wounds, lick granulomas in dogs, pet abscesses and contusion wounds, just to name a few.

Does PATHELEN® stick on the wound when the dressing is removed?

No, it doesn’t

Is PATHELEN® a licensed Medical Device or Medicine?

PATHELEN® has been registered by the European Medicine Agency and U.S FDA, as a Class I Medical Device, i.e., a low-risk device similar to plasters and bandages

What does it do?

The microporous silica in PATHELEN® removes a wounds’ exudate, which contains bacterial toxins, by capillary action and also helps to disrupt a wound’s biofilm, which protects bacteria from the action of antibiotics. Removal of the biofilm allows the host immune system access to the bacteria which then kill these organisms. Part of the silica in PATHELEN® is hydrophobic and this physically attracts and removes intact bacterial cells from the wound, preventing the release of toxins. PATHELEN®, therefore, has an antibacterial effect which does not cause bacterial resistance and also avoids the need for either topical or systemic antibiotics. Due to its unique mode of action, PATHELEN® is effective against ALL types of bacterial infections The removal of bacterial toxins allows the wound to progress to the proliferative phase and the formation of granulation tissue.

How do I use PATHELEN®?

The bottle of PATHELEN® should be shaken vigorously for about 15 seconds, at which point the powder becomes gel-like and should then be applied over the surface of the wound

How fast does it work?

PATHELEN® eliminates most bacterial and fungal wound infections within an average 8.5 days although the healing time will vary depending on the size of the wound.

Can PATHELEN® be used on dried wounds (once granulating Tissue has formed)?

No, PATHELEN® is designed to help a wound to heal and there is no advantage to using it once granulation tissue has formed.

Is there a restriction on how often it can be used?

No, PATHELEN® can be used daily until the appearance of granulation tissue. PATHELEN® has also shown to be safe if left on the wound for a longer period of time

Are there any side-effects from PATHELEN®?

There are no known side-effects or allergic reactions reported from using PATHELEN®. However, the product should not be used by anyone who has known sensitivities to the ingredients (see below).

What are PATHELEN® Ingredients?

64% Aerosil 300 Pharma
35.9% Aerosil R972 Pharma
0.1% Benzalkonium chloride

Can PATHELEN® be used safely on young or pregnant animals?

Yes. There are no restrictions on who can use PATHELEN®.

Can PATHELEN® still be used once opened?

Yes. If only part of the powder has been used, the remaining powder can still be used provided that the bottle is re-closed after each usage.

Can PATHELEN® be used alongside other drugs?

Yes, there are no known interactions with other drugs

Is PATHELEN® protected by a Trademark and Patent?

Yes, it is protected and the production process patented by Pathelen Health Care AG

Can PATHELEN® be administered without specialist training?

Yes, no specialist training is required to use PATHELEN® although it is advised that the assessment of a wound is undertaken by a health professional.

Has PATHELEN® been proven to work?

Yes, there are case studies in which PATHELEN® has been used successfully

Female Pony, 3 years old

Dott.ssa Concetta Molè

Italy, November 2020


Medical Device Class I - EMA European Medicine Agency (CE) Swissmedic registered under CH-201805-0002

U.S. FDA Regulation Number 3017399130
Nigerian NAFDAC 03-6974
Ghana FDA FDA/D.19-3044

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